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Doctor Charles is to me one of the most qualified OBGYN Doctors that is out there. I have been to many OBGYN's throughout West Virginia, Ohio and Florida. Until I went to Doctor Charles I had many troubles. I met Mr. Charles 5 yrs ago when I found out I was pregnant with my second child. Within four years he has delivered my son along with doing 4 other surgeries on me. I waited for 3 years for him to reopen. He is not only a doctor to me and my family but also a friend. When I went to his office for OBGYN, he made my visits about my whole family, not just me; he involved my daughter, husband and step children. they loved going to the office and listing to the heartbeat of the baby and knowing that the doctor would talk to them as they were real people too. His work is not only in the office, I remember I was in the ER once and he found out I was there and made a trip there to see me. Without a doubt I along with my daughters will have no need for another OBGYN. I have even made the comment that no matter where he moves I will travel that distance to go to see him. I have literally put my life in this man’s hands more than once. I am now waiting to have another surgery and I am not a bit nervous because I know I have the best person standing there over me. I would trust no one else! At this moment I know at least 12 people that see or has seen Doctor Charles and will tell you they along with myself that this is one of the best Doctors in Florida, and will go to no one but him. In hopes this will help many people on making decisions on an OBGYN.

Doctor Charles is truly a GREAT Doctor and Person !!!

Penny A.


A very nice person and good Doc. Someone you can trust in(meaning trustworthy), very good with patients, very open attitude, helpful in giving information to his patients. I am very comfortable with the services and would recommend him as a good OB/GYN doctor.

Ms. I. Miller


March 2005 our profoundly disabled daughter began to hemorrhage one day after starting her period. We called an ambulance and she was rushed to Shands at Lake Shore. We had only been in Lake City a few months and were terrified, she had lost so much blood and we didn't know anyone in the area. The ER team worked on her for hours and she was put in a private room so I could stay with her. She was receiving blood transfusions and was still losing it as fast as it went in. Hours later Dr. Charles walked into her room with a big smile on his face and her Dad and I immediately felt relief. He smiled and talked to her and tickled her toes. Most people won't even touch her. He took over and we entrusted our child to his care. He outlined several options and went over each in detail. In the end he had to do a hysterectomy, we couldn't have asked for better care than what he gave her. He stepped up to the task as the others were backing away and we now have a happy, healthy child and Dr. Charles will never know how grateful we are for everything he did for her. He is now caring for me, I wouldn't use anyone else.

Leah Joy's Mom


Dr. Charles is one of the greatest gynecologist in lake city. His reputation can't speak enough about him. He goes above and beyond with his patients and establishes a great doctor patient relationship. Dr. Charles delivered my son and I know that I couldn't have been in a better care. He also went above and beyond when one of my pregnancies didn't go well. I felt as though he was apart of my family. I thank Dr. Charles greatly for everything that he has done for me and my family and I wouldn't consider any other OB/GYN. Thanks DR. C

Dominique S.


I have been a patient of Dr. Charles since he first came to Lake City. I have also seen him deliver all 5 of my grandchildren. His dedication and professionalism makes him one of the best OBGYN doctors I know. Not only is he caring, but devoted to his patients. I cannot say enough good things about him. May God continue to bless him and his caring staff.

Robin D.

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