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Comprehensive Women's Health provides a full range gynecologic services. Office visits for various women’s health concerns including Annual Exams, Abnormal or Irregular Bleeding, Pelvic Pain, Painful menses, Heavy menses, Contraceptives (Birth Control), Vaginal discharge, Menopausal symptoms, Abnormal pap smears, Prenatal care, Minor Gyn surgery, Major Gyn surgery. Minor Illness or Injury ( call first! examples- cold, flu, diarrhea, stitches etc.) Other( Please describe in the online contact form's comment section.)

In office procedures include endometrial biopsies, colposcopy, skin biopsies and IUD insertion.

In hospital surgeries performed are vaginal and abdominal hysterectomy, endometrial ablation, laparoscopy gynecologic surgery, D&C and other minor gynecologic surgery.


Comprehensive Women’s Health provides complete obstetric care. This includes low risk prenatal care, delivery at Shands at Lake Shore Hospital and post-partum care. High risk prenatal care is offered to women with gestational diabetes, hypertension and other conditions.

Patient Education

We are dedicated to patient education.We provide documents for online or offline viewing. All documents compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


We love to hear from our patients and their overall experience with Comprehensive Women's Health. Thanks for the feedback.